ripples to tides

can you take me down to the river the one that streams the fastest watching glimpses of icy blue crash over pebble stones we've thrown to skim over shallow tides slivers of silver shining through and underneath there may be chaos but it’s ok; as long as I’m with you


o’ glory days

I cannot remember glory days of youth and love You tell me dont forgot the warmth of summer's buzz not to fear the ache of laughter you let out from deep within never to question the intentions from wise spirits in the spring but I can’t compromise on this heart and head of mine When … Continue reading o’ glory days


Greying orbs glossed over with unspoken phrases hiding the jumbled thoughts swirling in her mind Everything is numb; Defined as something deprived of feeling or response Defined as something I craved for so long. My aspiration achieved with sharp liquor bottles and cigarette smoke - but everything is not as it seems Be careful what … Continue reading Hourglass