3 simple, quick, vegan meals

Here’s 3 of my favourite quick and easy vegan meals, to give anyone some vegan cooking inspiration, for if you’re like me, and are proper lazy and enjoy easy food. (And these are proper proper basic, so there’s no excuses lads)

1/Stuffed Mushrooms

1/2 cup of Couscous
Handful of your Filling of Choice – Cabbage, Leak, Tomato, Peas, Sweetcorn
1 Portobello Mushroom

Flavour the couscous with your favourite spices (Ironically, I love the Schwartz Chicken seasoning – don’t worry, there’s no Chicken involved) and cook with desired filling for around 5 mins, then place on top of the mushroom, cooking for around 20 mins. Serve with lattice potatoes, beans or veg. DONE.

2/ Veggie Kebabs

1/2 block of firm tofu
Soy sauce
Mushroom, Peppers, Tomato, Onion

Cut tofu into small squares and marinate in spices and soy sauce, then grill or bbq for 15/20 mins, until really crispy. After around 10 mins, add all vegetables to grill. Serve with pasta, rice or wraps. So easy, so good. 

3/ A Rice Extravaganza

1/2 block of firm tofu
Onion, Sweetcorn, Mushroom, Peas
Soy Sauce

Marinate tofu and start frying/grilling, with the onions. Put on the rice and boil for around 12 mins. Once done, add all together in a pan with sweetcorn, mushroom, peas, whatever veg you’re using until heated through. Serve with a slab of crusty bread, and smoother in soy sauce and sweet chili sauce. Boring as hell but good as anything.


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