life after death 

Something I think about a lot if life after death. Now, my initial thought, and the thought I’m 99% sure is the correct one, is that when we die, we die. There’s no sunny fields and welcome hugs, you’re just, dead. And, although this is what I realistically think happens – I’m constantly finding myself being a hypocrite, and going against my own word.

For example, I believe in spirits, but how do I believe in spirits if I don’t really believe in an after life? That makes no sense. But, I think that’s ok – we don’t have to think we know everything, I just find it funny how I can completely contradict myself like that. Or, maybe I don’t believe in spirits really, maybe I’m just afraid that if I say I don’t believe I’ll start to encounter some, and I don’t really want that. My theory is, how can spirits not exist when there is so much proof and theories, so much weird shit caught on tape, and so many stories from people we know. Maybe only certain people have an after life, if they’ve got some business they need to finish – like Casper. But, if spirits exist, an after life must, they kinda go hand in hand. I was just speaking to my parents about wether they belive in an after life, and we all came out with the same answer of “I do but I don’t”. 

Although, I know I don’t think I believe in life after death, I still like the idea of it. Let’s face it, it’s not really a great thought that when your family die, they just go to nothingness, they don’t get to be re-united with their long lost family, or get to watch their grand kids grow up from afar – I don’t like that thought at all. How come my nans parents have never visited her to tell her they will meet again – I think that’s one of the saddest thoughts about this, then fact that once you’re loved ones die you might not ever see them again, I can’t even imagine that feeling of pure doom.

What really is there to believe in if you don’t believe in a God? I’m not religious at all, so maybe if there was a heaven after all, I wouldn’t even be allowed in. I think it’s a really interesting topic to discuss, especially since no one knows the truth, and when they do, it’s a little to late to let everyone else know. Or perhaps we will be reincarnated, and our soul’s will start again – another tricky one, do we even have souls? Well, we must surely, if I believe in spirits and, we hear our own thoughts in our minds and have a conscious – that’s a soul right? Wrong? I don’t know. It’s all so confusing it sends me spiraling into existentialism.

I find it so fascinating how many different theories there are in different cultures. In Buddhism, they teach of a cycle of death and rebirth called Samsara, and that your rebirth is dependent on your actions in this life, and that you can be reborn as animals, humans, or even God’s. When reborn as humans, Buddhists believe you can escape Samsara and reach Nirvana, where you will physically die and no longer be reborn. Sikhs also believe in the teachings of reincarnation, in the Sikh sacred text, the Guru Granth Sahib, it says “the body is just clothing for the soul and is discarded at death”. In Mexico, they celebrate ‘the day of the dead‘ or ‘Dia de los Muertos’, on November 2nd. Their belief is that at midnight on October 31st, the gates of heaven open and departed children can reunite with their families. Then, on the 2nd of November, deceased adults are honoured and celebrated. 

Many people who have faced near death experiences believe they encountered something beyond this life, like visions of white, bright lights, seeing spirits or feeling really peaceful. A woman named Veronika-Ulrike Barthel said that after being hit by lightning in her car, she was transported to hell, being surrounded by demons. Colton Burpo, a four year old, said he had been to heaven and seen God and relatives, even meeting a little sister his parents had lost due to a miscarage, that neither of them had told him about. 

It’s a strange feeling, thinking about the total unknown that we will all come to face one day.


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