2017 music & movies favourites so far

With already being well over half way through 2017 (literally how?!), there’s already been a staggering amount of brilliant media favourites of mine, I just couldn’t quite wait till the end of the year to talk about; I thought I’d do a half way review or the music and movies of 2017 I’ve loved so far.

Music Favourites

Mallory Knox – Wired
The latest music from the Cambridge bunch is absolutely brilliant, featuring those classic MK sounds mixed with more mature and perfected instruments and lyrics. Wired really kicks off and then mellows out with its great mix of tracks, and it transpired live so well, Mallory Knox put on one of the best live shows going. Some of my favourite tracks from Wired are Giving It Up, For You and Lucky Me.

Image result for harry styles album cover

Harry Styles – Harry Styles
Styles’ debut solo album is incredible. When I heard the first single, Sign of the Times, I got major Bowie feels from it, and know I’m not alone on that one. The album encompasses such a wide range of songs that somehow all fit together wonderfully, with an overall indie-pop theme. My favourite’s from the album are Kiwi, Woman and Two Ghosts, which gives me major One Direction vibes for some reason.

All Time Low – Last Young Renegade
Last Young Renegade took a few listens before I genuinely started to enjoy it, but once it sunk I started to love the new vibe from pop-punk band All Time Low. The album features different sounds from the usual ATL, like with Life of the Party, featuring its high vocals, but I feel it really shows the growth ATL make with each new album. My favourite tracks are Life of the Party, Nightmares and Drugs & Candy.

Lorde – Melodrama
Oh my god, where to even begin with this album. I’m fairly new to the Lorde hype, and know nothing past Royals from her debut, but after hearing Green Light and being completely obsessed with it, I become so excited for her second album, and I was not disappointed. The electropop album features some amazing tracks, like The Louvre, and Liability, all tracks with so much emotion seeping from the lyrics, mixed with perfectly portrayed melodies and party soundtrack vibes. Lorde is really killin’ it right now.

Paramore – After LaughterImage result for after laughter Paramore really exceeded their last album with their newest feature AfterLaughter. The new album feels so fresh for them, and like a new path they needed to take. This album has got an incredible reception, and rightly so, as it shows of a great new vibe, pitched with perfectly fitting pastel conceptions, and pop tunes. My stand out tracks are Rose-Colored Boy and Hard Times.

Halsey- Hopeless Fountain Kingdom
Like with ATL, this album took a few listens before I really got a feel for it, but the second album from Halsey is badass. It feels like such a step-up from Badlands, but still continuing the imagination themes and stories. The album is a so conceptional, and feels so powerful. I love the tracks Heaven in Hiding, Strangers and Walls Could Talk, which gives me major old school girl band feels.

Movie Favourites

Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2
Both my favourite film of the year and Marvel movie of all time, GotG 2 exceeded everything I wanted it to be and beyond;  I didn’t think it could possibly be better than the first, but I was so wrong. This movies encompasses so many different themes and emotions, GotG 2 was simultaneously hilarious, with the most epic baby Groot scene as the opening of the movie, with great friendships developing further, and so much emotion from Quill’s farther situation and the death of Yondu, I was sobbing in the cinema for the latter part of the movie. I think the visual effects from this film are incredible, it’s so vibrant and colourful, and such a wonder to watch.

Image result for hidden figures

Hidden Figures
(Ok so this movie came out on Dec 25th, but it’s still joining this list)
A movie with 3 brilliant, women of colour actors as the lead? YES PLEASE. Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monáe come together to form the leads and brains of this film, working on the launch of John Glenn into orbit at Nasa. This movie is so empowering, I love films like Hidden Figures, that encompass so much emotion, dedication and power, while also informing us of important historical events. It was such an aspiring movie to watch, and you really felt like you were going on the journey with these incredible women. I loved the casting!

I already did a review of this film, but needed to include it on this life. Gifted is such a heart-warming and emotional movie, I was crying throughout so much of it. It portrays such heart and soul of  an unconventional family situation, that doesn’t always mean blood. Chris Evans, Octavia Spencer and McKenna Grace all portray their characters perfectly, and create such a great on-screen relationship.

Again, I’ve already reviewed this, so I’ll keep it short, but after GotG 2, this was my second most anticipated movie of the year, and shit, was I excited for it. After Civil War, I was so excited to see Tom Holland play out the Spider-Man role further as he is the perfect encapsulation of the character in my opinion, and the film didn’t disappoint. With a fantastic cast, awesome action and really great humour throughout, I was very impressed by the latest Spidey re-boot.

Image result for rings movie

Many, many horror fans were excited about the new movie inspired by The Ring, me included. I really enjoyed where they took this version of the story, following Samara’s origin story. I loved a lot of the different elements of this movie and thought a lot of it was really clever, like the braille use, with all the different elements that were confusing at one point, but then slotted into place. And the ending, leaving us on a cliffhanger to realise all has not actually been resolved, and clearly setting it up for a sequel.

Television Favourites

Santa Clarita Diet
Image result for santa clarita dietC’mon, the Netflix original Santa Clarita Diet stars Drew Barrymore as the lead role so we all knew it was going to be brilliant. A women, Drew Barrymore, gets sick and suddenly starts to want to eat people – but, this is no classic zombie flick, it filled with so much more comedy and relationships. I loved the concept of the show, it felt so original and well-played out, having a great mix of comedy and gross-ness to bounce off each other. I love the casting of this show, I thought everyone worked so well on-screen together and I cannot wait for season 2.


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