Jigsaw trailer – initial thoughts

The Saw saga, we all thought was long over with 2010’s “The Final Chapter”, is still growing, with new movie Jigsaw releasing in October.

The trailer for James Wan‘s new project, Jigsaw, dropped a few days ago, opening with several clips with Jigsaw’s voice over, as we move to a ‘suicide?’ from a bridge, as lots of people are screaming. Flash to scenes of new games, voice tapes, that pig thing and detectives trying to figure out how this is all happening, 10 years after John Kramer‘s death.

From the trailer, we see Jigsaw is back, but he isn’t… but he is? We’re left with mixed feelings over copy cat killers, legacy holders, or who knows, even John Kramer popping back up like “surprise bitch”.

The film feels like it’s going to be a lot different from the rest of the franchise. This time, the trailer shows rebellion from the chosen competitors, as actor Laura Vandervoor says “what happens if we don’t follow the rules?” – I mean, usually everyone that does that dies,  but I have a feeling this time there will be a succeeded revolt, as we see her finding ways to stop games. Then saying, more aggressive, “Games can be won”.

Another obvious change is how this movie is shot. The cinematography looks incredibly different, everything seems brighter and clearer almost, obviously one aspect of this is down to it being 7 years later with better technology, but I wonder if this was something they aimed for as the horror genre has changed. I also dislike the ‘happy music’ played over the suspenseful and horrific scene, that really bothers me.

I’m already apprehensive about that cast, they already seem to be annoying to me after only watching the trailer a few times, so I wonder what their performance in the movie will be like. Right from the start we see someone who reminds me a lot of Costas Mandylor for some reason, so wether they were going with that when casting I don’t know.

One thing that really bothers me about the trailer, is when, at the end, Billy the Puppet rides up and gives us that famous creepy laugh, and some guy goes “well that’s not creepy”. I HATE THIS, why do they keep trying to add comedy with ‘witty one liners’ to the script, it just makes me cringe, and really cheapens it in my opinion. Unless its films like Scary Movie, I don’t see how comedy fits into horror; it’s literally used to make it more ‘relatable’.

The trailer has left me feeling excited to see Jigsaw,  but I’m also really apprehensive about it. I don’t like the idea of it being too modernised,  but we shall see what happens on October 27th. (One thing I will say is I’m super excited about the classic movie renditions we are getting, like Jigsaw, Jeepers Creepers 3 and Cult of Chucky).


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