disneyland paris haul

With a wad of cash in my hand that I really should have put to better use, like driving lessons, I set off on a mission to buy all the cool Disney shit I so desperately needed in my life. I hope this can be insightful so you can see some of the items they have available at the moment if you’re off on a trip soon.

Starting with the best item I purchased, is this amazing figure of Mickey Mouse painting a self-portrait, of himself as Walt Disney. I loooove this piece so much, I just think it’s really different and awesome. This cost €89.



I also brought this awesome Cruella Deville Disney Traditions figure for €62. Big mistake, as it’s on amazon for like £35, FAIL!


I really wanted something to commemorate the 25 year celebration, so I opted for the limited edition Tsum Tsum’s to add to my collection! €5.99 each. Looking  back on this I reaaaally wish I had brought the full collection seeing as they’re special edition, but never mind.


I also got the 25th anniversary photo album for all ma snapssss. I think this was like €17.99, but I’m not 100% sure.


Another of my favourite purchases was this Pumba plush, as soon as I saw him I knew he had to come home with me! He was only €29.99.

Obviously, I had to buy a key ring, as that’s obligatory for every holiday, and I opted for one with the castle in it, for €6.99.


Mugs are another of my favourite things to buy, so I decided on the traditional Disneyland Paris one to display (around €12 I think), and then an Ariel one (again, around €13 I think), i’d had my eye on for a while. I would of loved the chip mug,  but unfortunately couldn’t find it anywhere.


Keeping to the homeware theme, I brought a super cool Toy Story divided plate. I may be 18, but I’m obsessed with eating off of divided plates, and this was €7.99.


Sticking with Toy Story, this giant Buzz was the first thing I decided I needed to get, as I knew how great he’d look displayed on my shelf, and he was €35.

I also brought two pins, when I was younger and went to Disney World, I used to collect loads of these, but I just wanted two to signify that I’d been to Disneyland Paris, and the hotel I’d stayed at. I think these were around €8 each.


I also knew I wanted to get some t shirts, so I chose one for Tower of Terror, as this is my favourite ride in Disney, and one from Planet Hollywood. These were €19.99 each.


My last purchase was this little Stitch plush, he was way too cute to leave behind, and it’s not often he’s in his full alien form, so I was especially drawn to him, and he was around €12 I believe.












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