eating vegan at disneyland paris

Leading up to my birthday trip to Disneyland Paris, I was researching all the possible vegan options, and lets just say it’s chips, chips, chips, popcorn, chips, overpriced veg, chips. As someone who likes chips, this wasn’t the greatest deal to me, but even after 4 days I was extremely bored of them!

So, I thought i’d share what I ate in Disneyland Paris in hope to shed a little light on some of the options you can get.

For breakfast, we usually ate at the hotel buffet (I was staying at the Newport Bay Club), so my breakfast’s consisted of some moderate fruit, beans and potatoes(which most likely had butter on them when one night the chef told me ‘everything is covered in butter), and toast, which again was probably a slip up  because SO MUCH of the bread in Disney was made with milk???? WHY. It didn’t even occur to me, fail!

But, there is a Starbucks in the Disney Village with soya, almond and coconut milk, so live your coffee dreams.

The first night we ate in Annette’s Diner, which had a tofu burger on the menu, so the tofu lover in me got very excited, but alas, it wasn’t vegan, so I opted from some cris-cross chips, which were actually bomb af.

We also ate at Planet Hollywood, where I ordered “the veg from the fajitas” (i couldn’t eat the wraps or the rice it came with) and then some chips. It was nice enough, and nice to eat a vegetable, but the CHEEK OF THEM, charged us the full 19.99 euro as if i’d had all the fajitas! IT WAS JUST SOME VEG, and most of it was onions anyways! bladdy hell.


Rainforest Cafe was the same, I was going to have a avocado sandwich and chips, but the bread had milk in it (WTF), the staff were very helpful though, offering green beans or mushrooms, but I just went for chips.  I also met a vegan waiter in there, which was pretty cool!

My favourite place to eat was Earl of Sandwich, I opted for their Caprese sandwich, substituting the mozzarella for avocado, and taking out the balsamic glaze because that shit was grim (trusting another online source that the bread was vegan) with wedges, which were soooo good. I ate this like 3 times.

The best meal of the holiday, however, was at the hotel buffet on the last night, typical. I asked the chef if some of the seemingly safe options like rice and potatoes had butter on them and he said “butter everywhere”, he then asked me if I was vegan, which was really great because he understood what I could eat, and then offered to make me some plain potatoes and tomato pasta. Now, i’m not even a huge pasta gal, but I think the change from chips was just really appreciated, and this was the NICEST meal of the hols, and was really nice of the chef to make it for me.

The popcorn and the candy floss are vegan!

I also took lots of food with me, crisps, wraps,  naked bars, chocolate and even pot noodles for just in case moments, but didn’t really feel the need to touch a lot of it.

So, yeah, the vegan options are lacking considerably,   but you’re there for the experience and can surly deal with lame meals for a few days!


5 thoughts on “eating vegan at disneyland paris

  1. katethevegan92 says:

    How easy was it to sub the mozzarella at Earl of Sandwich? It’s the one place I’ll definitely eat there this time (10 days and counting!) So I’m hoping it’s a quick swap πŸ™‚

    I enjoy the fact that your blog lists places that we didn’t go in November! It means that there’s more options than we managed to find and that DLP is officially incredibly easy to do vegan 😊


      • katethevegan92 says:

        Oh fab, thanks!

        We did Anette’s twice, but Agrabah was amazing too! That was our last day meal. Our “fancy” meal was at Chez Remy, and that was heavenly! A few tweaks and we managed a starter and main and the ratatouille is amazing.

        This time we’re braving the Sunday brunch in the hope that Inventions isn’t the worst buffet in the world! We decided that we were happy to pay 70 euros for mediocre food alongside the character experience, so at worst we have the characters!


      • shannontreadwell says:

        ahhh awesome!! What did you eat at Annette’s just the chips?? And we were going to go to Agrabah but didn’t in the end but heard it was really good! And yes the chez remy looked awesome, will defo be going there next time! Have a good time with the characters!!!


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